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Nicholas Geleng


My passion these days is the sport of paintball. Below are a few of the teams and events I have been attending:


Adrenaline Force Tounament                     June, 2005
Adrenaline Force Paintball Tournament, June 2005

More photos: click here

Redlands, California   

 Jmj Factory
View more video clips at Yashi

Nick trip to Las Vegas                         October 2004
 Nick was invited to attend a Paintball Tournament in Las Vegas, NV by his friend Pete Hollenhurst. The team Name is "X-Players".

More Photos:  click here

  Las Vegas, NV

Below are a few of the events that have been going on or things I have attended over the last few years:

  • My 16th Birthday

  • Christmas 2003

  • Thanksgiving 2003