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Photos and events from the year 2003

New Jersey  Vacation                                 June, 2003
Anne and I take a unexpected trip to New Jersey to celebrate the life and passing of Paul Madrachimov .

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  Wayne, New Jersey   


Blues Brothers Concert                New Years Eve 2003
This Year we decided to celebrate New Years with the Blues Brothers

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 Pechanga Casino, Temecula, California    


Mazatlan, Mexico                                   April, 2003           
Anne and I take a vacation to main land Mexico along the Sea of Cortez.

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Mazatlan, Mexico    


Aunt Amelia Visit                                         April 2003
Aunt Amelia sets out to tour the country with her daughter and son in law. Starting from New Jersey they headed west and reached riverside on her 85th Birthday

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   Riverside, California  


Maddocks Confernece                      September 2003
Anne and I attend a software conference presented by Maddocks Software, an industry operating system used by our company, PVT

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   Ottowa, Canada  


Thanksgiving                                        November 2003
The Parks Family get together for the traditional  Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Jim and Dottie Parks at their new home.

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   Las Vegas, Nevada